Bloomizon, your custom-made vitamins

Today we meet Melanie and Benoit Jonniaux, siblings and co-founders of Bloomizon, a startup incubated at Look Forward’s third season of incubation and developing personalized vitamin diets based on your diet and physical activity.

What’s Bloomizon concept?

At Bloomizon we believe that well-being is eminently personal, which is why we develop customized wellness products. We use the benefits of nature to create products that are healthy, natural and adapted to each person. Our first product is a personalized program in herbal medicine that allows everyone to meet their personal needs.

Please, tell us about how you got here.

Benoit and I are siblings. We did quite different studies, Benoit did finance and he is specialized in mathematical algorithms while I’m a Biology Engineer with additional training in Marketing. Despite our various educational backgrounds, we grew up on the same basis: paying attention to our well-being and the products we ate and used. That’s what brought us together on this project.






How did you come up with the idea?

The Bloomizon concept was basically a research project; we aimed to understand everyone’s nutritional needs. By creating our first algorithm, allowing to calculate the vitamin requirements of each person, we wanted to bring an application: personalized and adapted to each person individually.

What was your biggest challenge?

One of the biggest challenges we have to face is mainly production. With the mass industry, brands are used to manufacturing generic products in large quantities. As soon as we want to make custom-made products, it’s a little bit more complicated. So you have to be smart to be able to make quality and personalized products!

What would be the biggest brake on further growth?

As pioneers in this market, we must take the time to explain to consumers the benefits for them and their bodies to have products perfectly suited to their needs. The challenge is to create a new use, which is also very interesting in innovation.

What are your ambitions for Bloomizon ?

We believe that beauty, well-being, and health are intertwined, so Bloomizon’s ambition is to continue to develop new products to enable everyone to have their own everyday products.

Why is Bloomizon a lucrative investment option?

Custom-made is a real trend and a real need for consumers. In addition to searching for healthy, sustainable and natural products, consumers start to understand that they are unique and they need products as unique as they are. “Personalized Personal Care” is the future of well-being.

You integrated the third incubation promotion at Look Forward. What does this year at Look Forward mean to you?

We worked a lot on Bloomizon’s scientific base, from the development and improvement of our algorithm to the Bloomizon digital coach and product development. This year of incubation at Look Forward is a considerable help on the marketing development and commercialization of our concept.

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