Jury des Look Forward Awards

Introducing Look Forward FashionTech Awards’ Nominees

As the second edition of the Look Forward FashionTech Festival will begin in a few days, Showroomprivé is going to reveal the Look Forward Awards’ laureates. The contest rewards the most brilliant and visionary initiatives of the industries of fashion, beauty and retail.

This year, four prices categories will be awarded with a double award for each category – one for a start-up and one for a multinational company. The applications of the awards are opened since April 2017. Almost 200 applications were received: it shows how fashion, retail and beauty industries want to be at the leading edge of technologie.

The applications came from 30 foreign countries; from starts-up, multinational company, fashion designers or even from makers. Some of the innovations are radicals and predict an hybrid future where technology is a support for fashion. Thus, the innovation puts fashion as a service for health, protection, fullfilment or personal well-being.


The choice were hard but 20 projects were pre-selected and will be submitted to a prestigious fashiontech panel:

The Jury President : Pierre-François Le Louët, President at NellyRodi and Fédération Française du Prêt-à-Porter Féminin

  • Nicolas Santi-Weil, Founder of The Kooples Executive Director of AMI
  • Sylvie Ebel, Executive Director, IFM Member of IFFTI’s Executive Committe
  • Jérôme Masurel, CEO of 50Partners
  • Thierry PETIT, Co-Founder and CEO of Showroomprivé
  • Christine PHUNG, Fashion Designer Founder of Christine Phung
  • Nicolas Dreyfus, CEO of ONEY
  • Sissi Johnson, Brand Strategist, Tech Advisor, The Huffington Post USA Contributor
  • Sébatien Badault, Executif Director France at Alibaba Group


Therefore, the panel will study the following projects :



For this category, the projects had a new dimension with a radical purpose to transform and perpetuate the user experience.


  • True Gault

This app offers women to create heels depending on the height, the form of their feet thanks to the scan option. Heels will be as comfortable as slippers.

  • Le Masque Mapo de Wired Beauty

This connected mask will analyze the user’s skin thanks to sensor included in the mask. Then, the sensors transfer data on the app “Beauty App” so as the users can see the evolution of the quality of their skin.

  • MatchCo

This app offers to create a perfect foundation thanks to scans. This app will scan different zones of the face thanks to a mobile phone.

  • Smart mirror d’Oak Labs

This mirror offers a better experience in fitting rooms. The “smart mirror” offers to clients to directly order clothes they want to try thanks to the mirror in the fitting room. The mirror also offers a suggestion of clothes thanks to idendification labels with radio frequency.



This category promotes the most surprising and astonishing initiatives, in their concept as well as in their positioning


  • Fire de The Unseen

Fire is a hair dye that allows to its user to change his hair color tanks to the temperature.

  • Spartan

This underwear is created with argent fibers that protect men to electromagnetic waves and, in the end of the day, care their fertility.

  • Zungle Panther de Zungle

Zungle Panther are sunglasses with earphones by bone conduction. These sunglasses allow to listen to music or to make a call with the sending of vibrations to the skull’s bones.

  • NailBot de Preemadonna

This connected machine enable to print on users’ nails any pictures that they have on their phone.

  • Nike Future Designers

This experimental process enable to Nike designers to create and to test their products as they had them on their hands. This process could be possible thanks to vocal command, virtual reality and haptic technology.

  • Lumini Samsung

This mobile device detects skin diseases before they actually appear. After the user took a picture, Lumini sends the synthesis of the analyze on an app



Fashion Award has for objective to reward the projects which knew how to reinvent, revolutionize, the traditional functions of clothes and accessories.


  • Dynamic Skin de Neffa

Textile creation which collects some energy thanks to solar collectors and reuses this to create heat or some light, drawing at the same time the metabolism of its porter.

  • Skinners

Between cross-country socks and minimalist shoes, Skinners allows to protect feet as well as a pair of shoes.

  • Bolt Threads

Start-up creating clothes with spider silk fiber.

  • Pyrates

Textile components which allow to regenerate, to calm and to take skincare. Furthermore, the textile is made by environment-friendly products.

  • Google x IvyRevel

Dress with motives which are created from the data relative to the daily routine of the user.

  • Pinatex Puma

Plant leather shoes with fibers extracted from pineapple leaves.



This year, the insurer at the forefront of the innovation Aviva, sponsor of the exhibition of the Look Forward Fashion Tech Festival and partner of Showroomprivé, will give the Relation Award to the projects rethinking the relationship between a brand and its customers.


  • WearWell

WearWell is a platform putting in relation prospects with brands which look like them both at the level of the style and the causes that they care about ( humanitarian, animal or environmental causes).

  • Smartzer

Technology which allows the Internet users or the mobile users to click any pixel of video to have more information on a product or to contract a purchase.

  • Artificia

Technology allowing brands to transform their accounts Instagram into an e-shop gallery.

  • Get The Look de Rimmel

Application which allows to test products and make-up look of the brand thanks to the augmented reality.

  • Dress in the City x Unibail

Application allowing to buy the products of the brand without passing by an intermediary. The clients only have to scan the QR codes placed on the anti-theft device to make the purchase and leave with it.


See you on June 28th for the announcement of the winners !

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