#LFFTF2017 : Program 29/06


Keynote: Auditorium



  • Hilary SLOAN, Director, Business Development, North America, ShopStyle
  • Daria SHAPOVALOVA, Blogger




Round Table: Plateau Media

In 2017, Facebook celebrates its 14th anniversary and Twitter its eleven years of existence. These social networks are now part of our lives and have reinvented the interactions between close relations, but also between customers and consumers: the video format has never been more important, while aversion to commercial advertisements is at its highest. The prescribing role is redefined today, moving from institutional Medias to a multitude of specialized microcommunities. Led by influencers, co-built with enthusiasts from the 5 continents, these brand / customer interactions are more and more numerous and diverse. Faced with these changes in consumption and recommendation, brands must reinvent their communications and build new relationships with their customers, through the activation of specific communities. So today, how to represent its brand in a different way in the flow of continuous information that represents the Internet? How can we establish a relationship of trust with influencers, whether amateur or professional, in order to offer an ever more innovative content? What paradigm shifts in prescribing are to be expected?



  • Julien SOYEZ, Director of Communication, Marc Jacobs
  • Tudor GEORGIU, Co-Founder, AskAnna
  • Alexis JAKUBOWICZ, Director of New Medias, Gal. Lafayette
  • Maria Cecilia ANDRETTA, Global Deputy CEO – Editions Jalou
  • Franck SCHECTER, Blogger

Modération: Nardjisse BENMEBAREK, Digital Director, Nelly Rodi



16h00-17h00 // MAKERS RULES (FR)

Round Table: Auditorium

The DIY movement is experiencing a renewal with the emergence of support structures, new technologies and financing and sales platforms adapted to these new creators. What about FashionTech? Can independent creators also invest this field at the crossroads of fashion and technology? Is innovation always coming from large groups? How to carry out its creation project by taking advantage of complementary expertise?



  • Camille CANTIN, Project success Manager, Ulule
  • Arthur MILLES, Founder, Noüne
  • Angèle RADJAGOBAL, Founder, Soundary Cycle

Moderation: Maud SERPIN, Co-founder, Curiouser



17h00-18h00 // 3D REVOLUTION (FR)

Round Table: Plateau Medias

3D printing is now at the very heart of our lives: from toys to homes, to aircraft parts, these new manufacturing techniques have invaded the industrial, building, and even health sectors in a few years. However, a sector still seems far from this wave: fashion. Beyond the experiments from Nike or New Balance, many creators, startups and companies are willing to invent new experiences today. What is at stake exactly? What challenges are specific to these materials, industries, customer expectations? Will one print his clothes from home, and at what cost? Finally, will 3D printing be the miracle solution to the problem of mass customization?



  • Claire CHABAUD, Co-Founder, Endeer
  • Catherine GORGÉ, Director of Division Luxe/Design, Prodways
  • Christophe LHOTE, Creator
  • Samuel BERNIER, Creative Director, Onepoint

Moderation: Cyril RIMBAUD, Co-Founder, Curiouser




Keynote: Auditorium

Are you interested in trends? Would you like to find out what are some of the pieces and looks in trend now? We invite you to join us at Agus Cattaneo’s seminar. She defines the street as the new runway and so following the bubble up trend theory she creates trend alerts and reports from the streetstyle pictures she captures in the main fashion capitals. In this seminar she will explain to us her methodology and what her job is about.



Agustina CATTANEO, Fashion Consultant & Expert at Identifying Trends

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