The Full Room, image at the heart of decoration retail

Today we meet Thomas Griffoin, CEO and founder of The Full Room original marketplace, where deco lovers use their decorations to create an online concept store and startup incubated at Look Forward.

What’s The Full Room concept?

The Full Room is a marketplace that reunites a brand community and deco lovers to completely reinvent online decoration purchase, with a more visual, creative and customized experience. Concretely, our users propose their own home design, and if they are selected, they can add products of hundreds of deco brands that we offer for sale, to value and facilitate their purchase.

Please, tell us about how you got here.

After a baccalaureate in Literature, and law studies, I wanted to learn a job that had a sense for me so I learned cabinet-making. After that I worked 10 years for famous luxury home designers, to finally create a 3D imagery society for a home sector which employs 130 persons. Decoration always has been the breadcrumb of my work and It was obvious for me to create The Full Room.  

How did you come up with the idea?

Finally, it’s a really simple idea: when you look at a decoration magazine, we dream about a wonderful interior and we all think the same: how would it be in my house? We had to find a way to put people’s decoration inside other interiors houses, and this is what The Full Room does. We launch in September our service Room Staging that will propose user to choose decorations he loves in the website, for a few dozen euros, and he will be able to see how it looks in his own house within 3 days.

Do you think that the sale of decoration suffers of a lack of human dimension?

The sale of decoration is based on advice. It’s even one of the areas where counseling is most critical because it affects our personal well-being as well as our sociability. For The Full Room, to remedy this is to give the floor to decorating enthusiasts because, in our family circle, friendly or just at work, it is always they who advise us ultimately in our choices and not the seller of a store sign. But above all, it is also to ensure that these enthusiasts can take advantage of their advice: at The Full Room, we share our sales commission with the enthusiast who allowed the sale, which seems completely normal.

Why bet on a private individual? 

Because they have real creativity. Face 10 DA and a hundred deco passionate, it is of course among the passionate that you will find the most ideas. So imagine the creativity of 10,000 passionate, which we hope to arrive in a few years! We aim to be a huge reservoir of decorative creativity concretely transposable to the interiors of our customers.

Do you see great opportunities for the home market in the years to come?

Perspectives in the home markets are huge and constantly growing. First, because it’s a sector that has been stagnant for 10 years, I can tell because the leader of this sector is Cdiscount. Furthermore, 3D visualizations technologies are reaching maturity for the general public and this will revolutionize the purchase of decoration, allowing to see the products at home, in augmented reality or virtual reality. Finally, because it is the deco enthusiasts who will make the sale, especially if they are assisted by artificial intelligence it will completely disrupt the sector and change the playing field. As an entrepreneur, the coming years are very exciting.

You integrated the third incubation promotion at Look Forward. What does this year at Look Forward mean to you?

A reborn? 10 years ago, I created my first company that became, thanks to the hard work of our collaborators, the European leader of its sector. With my startup The Full Room I have the opportunity to change my job without changing my vision, you have to have the humility to start over and take a new look at yourself. Showroomprivé is a wonderful adventure for an entrepreneur and it’s a great chance to be able to learn e-commerce with this company.

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