#LFFTF2017: Program 30/06


Keynote: Auditorium

Anna K, Fashion designer and Forbes 30 under 30 has been acclaimed as one of the most successful people of 2017. Today, June 30th –  the stylish embodiment of Gen Z will officially launch her fashion app at Look Forward Fashion Tech Festival in Paris.

Showcasing 4 collections a year  in London, New York and Milan, Anna K’s designs are a favorite of international models and celebrities such as Kris Jenner,  Natalia Vodianova and Lily Collins – as seen in Vogue, BOF, L’Officiel, Elle and Glamour.

Anna K caters to fashionistas the world over.With a presence in 40 trendy shops in 25 countries including LUISAVIAROMA and Colette, Anna K caters to fashionistas the world over.

It was during a recent Forbes Conference Anna came up with the idea of a revolutionary app aiming to change the “old fashioned” fashion system. “Sputnik” gives users the opportunity to  purchase high fashion for lower than retail price. The app will exclusively launch at LOOK FORWARD FASHION TECH Festival.



  • Anna K, Designer and Founder of Anna K
  • Kazbek BEKTURSUNOV, CEO of LMG Group Paris, LMG Group SAS



15h00-16h00 // SMART TEXTILES (FR)

Round Table: Plateau Média

After watches, glasses, it is time for our clothes to be connected. What are these textile innovations infusing digital in clothing? But beyond questions of material resistance, these innovations also raise many questions:

How to protect data extracted from such devices? What added value for complimentary industries sur as Health, Insurance, Security ?
How do these new technologies reconfigure the business models of such industries? How do technology integrators, clothing brands, health insurers and providers (with different logics, production cycles, or business models) collaborate?



  • Pascal DENIZART, Director, CETI
  • Patrick DIXNEUF, Executive Director, Aviva
  • Michel CAILLIBOTTE, Head of international Innovation, Damart
  • Noémie BALMAT, Blogger, Clausette
  • Quentin HIRSINGER, Founder & President, Materio
  • Christian CLOT, Explorer, Lecturer


Moderation: Fabrice JONAS, Founder, MODELAB




Keynote: Auditorium

NellyRodi will present a prospective analysis of societal developments and major consumer trends and their impact on the market and the resulting emerging or installed textile innovations.



Sylvine NURET, Head of Insights & Data, Nelly Rodi



16h00-17h00 // DATA MANIAC (EN)

Round Table: Plateau Média

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big & Smart Data are in everyone’s mouth. Beyond these buzzwords, taking stock is needed.
How will the use of data impact the ways Fashion Brands distribute their products and communicate with their customers ? Will AI be a powerful tool for 1to1 communication towards fashion addicts ? Is the internet going to evolve into a infinity of customized platforms and experiences ?



  • Romain DOUTRIAUX, Director of Marketing Europe, Dataïku
  • Jessica GRAVES, Fashion Data Scientist, Sefleuria
  • Eric BRIONES, Associate Professor SG Moda Domani Institute , Strategic Planning Director of Publicis Et Nous, Author, Blogger
  • Natalia MODENOVA, Executive Director Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Kiev & Co-Founder of MoreDas

Moderation: Dimitri CARBONNELLE, President, Livosphère




Round Table : Auditorium

Following the disastrous event of Rana Plaza in 2013, consumers have become more and more responsible in the purchasing behavior and crave for more ethical and transparent products.

But responsible fashion is not only about protecting the workers and reinventing the fast fashion movement. It is also about reinsuring your customers about the provenance and production methods that are used, in order to gain their trust and explain the added value of your production.

If the market seems ready for a more responsible fashion, the brands and retailers still needs to find efficient solution on that matter. How can new technologies leverage the traceability of fashion and beauty items ? Is it possible to ensure a 100% ethically sourced product ? How can manufacturers, distributors and customers collaborate together in order to uncover.



  • Charlotte DIEUTRE, Entrepreneur
  • Vania LELES, Founder & Creative Director, VanLeles
  • Charles GARCIA, Co-Founder, Cypheme

Moderation: Sissi JOHNSON, Brand Strategist & Huffington Post contributor USA




Round Table : Plateau Média

How to make the shopping experience memorable with a transparent payment?

Through a panel of retailers and startups, we will exchange on new payment solutions to make the shopping process more fluid and simple, in an online and offline universe. We will take note of emerging trends in payment. Finally, we will present the mechanisms already in place to anticipate and respond to new customer exp



  • Nicolas VERSCHEURE, Responsable Innovation Commerce, Pimkie
  • Olivier SAUVAGE, Fondateur Wexperience et blogueur “capitaine-commerce.com”
  • Cédric HOZANNE, Fondateur de Natural Security Alliance

Moderation: Yann KERVAREC, Responsable du département Innovation, Oney





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