The WEAREABLE awards ceremony took place last night at the Gaîté Lyrique in front of more than 500 people from the world of fashion, retail and innovation.

The aim of the event was to unite the whole eco-system of FashionTech around a unifying subject, spreading the word that innovation has no limits in the fashion industry – whether this be in producing, distributing or consuming fashion.

Chaired by Ms. Diane Pernet and presented by Gilles Rosier, the ceremony showcased 5 projects from around the world.

We have the verdict, the prize winners of 2016 are…


UMOOD by Uniqlo (England) winning the Experience Award

This innovative project won our jury over with its experience combining digital display and neuroscience to help its customers choose a T-shirt.


THE CONNECTED SLEEVE by De Rigueur (France) winning the Relationship Award

This young start-up from Lyon, having only recently won the innovation prize at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, has invented the very first range of smart accessories.

The jury was won over by the perfect coupling of new technology and traditional luxury.


HALIT SOYSAL by PAO (Turkey) for the Emerging Award

Surprising, fascinating and innovative, Pao and his posture-monitoring device achieved unanimity with our jury.


ALERT T-SHIRT with WE: Ex (Australia) for the Fashion Award

This smart T-shirt able to reproduce the sensations of the outdoors was a hit with our jury.


And finally, REMIDI by T8 (United States) won the Jury’s Special Prize

This project won over the members of the jury with its ability to surprise and reinvent music through fashion.


Will 2017 be as surprising and innovative?