The GO-TO Fashion EVENT OF 2016

From Tuesday 9th to Sunday 14th February 2016

At the Gaîté Lyrique

As a purely functional item in the beginning, clothing has quickly become fashion2 and therefore a means of communication and symbolism. It is a sign of association or difference, linked to customs, geography and political and economic contexts. Behind the obvious superficiality, fashion has history and the future of the
world in its hands.

The ways of designing, distributing and consuming fashion are also exciting; with the development of new technologies and lifestyle changes, the means are endless.

As an innovative business in the fashion and retail industry, showroomprive.com launched its Look Forward incubator in June with the aim of promoting innovative practices and change with regards to the means of designing, distributing and consuming fashion.

WEAREABLE was born out of the willingness to share ideas and research in to future fashion…OUR FUTURE!

For the 1st edition, WEAREABLE has set-up the event at the Gaîté Lyrique

From Tuesday 9th to Sunday 14th of February

Networking, award ceremony, private viewings… A schedule devised to cause the technological and design worlds to collide.

The event celebrates innovation in fashion and retail around three main areas:

An exhibition on the future of fashion and retail

From environmentally-friendly clothing and emotive fabrics, to the more ambitious retail innovations, the capabilities and potential of tomorrow’s fashion is an endless source of inspiration and research.

WEAREABLE is interested in the young designer scene, where experimentation and prototypes are being used to design the fashion world of tomorrow.

4 ideas define the exposition:

WE ARE CONSCIOUS – When clothing once had a single “protective” function, we will discover that it is able to take care of us, others and the environment.

WE ARE EXPRESSIVE – When clothing was once only a symbol, we will discover that is able to understand us, express itself and communicate.

WE ARE EVOLUTIONARY – When clothing once had to suit us, we will discover that it is able to change and evolve with our imagination and desires.

WE ARE SMART SHOPPING – Far from the functional notion of shopping, the innovations presented here revolutionise the shopping experience and our relationship with it.


The WEAREABLE project is centered around an award ceremony which will reward four entrepreneurs or start-ups for their original innovations in the field of fashion and technology.

4 themed prizes will be awarded :

EXPERIENCE AWARD – Reward a project for its ability to transform and extend the consumer purchase experience.

FASHION AWARD – Reward a project for its ability to reinvent the original function of an item of clothing

RELATION AWARDRELATIONSHIP AWARD: Reward a project for its ability to build a relationship between the brand and the consumer.

SPECIAL AWARD – Reward a project for its ability to surprise and innovate with its idea in a specific field. This prize is specifically addressed to start-ups and young organisations.

A GRAND PRIZE will be awarded for a project deemed the most relevant and original as a whole.

Showroomprive.com will give the laureates the chance to present their work, receive feedback from professionals and gain financial assistance to help develop their ideas.

Applications are welcomed until the 10th of January at the following address:



To give the floor to the professionals so that they can enlighten us with their vision for the future of fashion, WEAREABLE offers different networking formats:

Meet-Ups :

Within the press zone at the Gaîté Lyrique, meet-ups are open meetings and exchanges of debate on economic issues and prospects for the fashion and retail industry.


In the auditorium, the talks are on a larger and more inspirational scale, featuring industry personalities and social analysis.

Workshops :

Next to the press zone or in the exposition, the workshops are more participative and collaborative enabling you to discover behind the scenes of the design industry.

About showroomprive.com

Showroomprivé.com is an innovative European player in the online private sales industry, specialised in fashion.

Showroomprivé offers a daily selection of 1, 300 partner brands on its mobile app and online. It has over 20 million members in France and in eight of its European country markets.

Since its launch in 2006, the business has enjoyed quick and profitable growth. Listed on the Euronext Paris market since October 2015 (code: SRP), Showroomprivé registered gross turnover of 480 million euros in 2014, a 38% increase on the previous year. The business employs over 700 people.



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