Horace, grooming essentials for guys.

Today we meet, Marc Briant-Terlet, co-founder of Horace, the cosmetics brand for guys, and startup incubated at Look Forward.

What’s the concept of Horace?

Horace is rethinking the skincare experience for guys who want to feel good in their skin.  We offer things that work and we can be proud of, from the face wash to the shower gel, and also the toothbrush.

Please, tell us about how you got here. 

Kim and I are friends since 13 years. We’ve been to school together and we’ve been also roommates. We have two different profiles. He worked as an IS consultant and then created a company developing event application solutions. I worked at Vans and then in marketing consulting. This is what makes us so complementary.

Kim Mazzilli & Marc Briant-Terlet, cofounders of Horace.

How did you come up with the idea?

A few years ago, It took several weeks to renew a styling product that It took me so many time because It was difficult to find the right product, a slow delivery, and a good price at the same time. I talked to Kim about it. He also thought that the experience for a guy who wants to buy a skincare product was average. We realized that no brands really spoke to us, unless if the brand was too expensive. If the brand was accessible, it sold us a male ideal in which we did not recognize each other. So we decided to do it ourselves.

Who is the man Horace?

It’s a guy that like beautiful things, who take care of him while being smart with his finances.

What are the major issues for men regarding beauty and grooming?

Nowadays, guys are totally uninhibited about beauty. We just need to create a better brand, that follows their needs and lifestyle. They want to be themselves, not a copy Antoine Griezmann.

What are your ambition for Horace?

We want Horace to be guys, from 20 to 40 years, favorite brand.








You integrated the third incubation promotion at Look Forward. What does this years at Look Forward mean to you?

2018 will be a turning point. Being incubated at Look Forward will help us to make this year a success. We will be able to exchange with experts on our issues and more generally benefit from the structure of an e-commerce giant. And for a brand like us, building online is essential!


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