Rainette, a french sustainable brand at the service of mobility

Rainette, an innovative and responsible brand that creates equipment & accessories at the service of mobility

Rainette is an innovative French brand from the French “Ile-de-France” region which creates equipment and accessories for bike riders. Rainette is an engaged start-up, which always carefully select materials used regarding 3 criteria: the durability, the quality of usage as well as the environmental and social print of the production of materials.

Discover now the story of Rainette and meet with Bahar, the founder :


Could you rapidly introduce yourself and how you got here?

Bahar: I worked for about 15 years in the audiovisual industry. I worked on TV sets, created my own casting company. The time had come for me to do something else, to find a job that made sense to me. So I decided to devote myself entirely to Rainette!

How did you come up with the idea to launch Rainette ?


Spring 2016: raining 42 days long, a record since 1960! I take my daughter Rose every morning to the nursery by bike, whether it’s raining or windy. Impossible to find a nice and practical protection. The early morning rides often turn into drama. That’s how Rainette is born!

What is the best memory you have during your entrepreneurial journey?

Bahar: To see an idea become an object is absolutely crazy, to see it in the street even more!

What was Rainette’s biggest success?

Bahar: Every day brings its amount of successes!

…And the worst failure?

Bahar: Having quality problems on a production. The relationship and the choice of workshops are absolutely crucial!

If you could start from the beginning, what would you do differently?

Bahar: A lot! Of course, I have more experience today.

What advice would you give to someone willing to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure?

Bahar: Surrounding yourself with competent and caring people is very important.

What was the most important event for you this year?

Bahar: We are very happy to have doubled our turnover!

What is the next step?

Bahar: The development of our range of adult equipment. We are going to diversify our offer and have a slightly wider target than parents with toddlers!


Since January 2020, Rainette is accelerated by Look Forward by Showroomprivé, a one year free accelearion program dedicated to entrepreneurs fron the Fashion, the Retail and the Beauty industries, willing to transform these industries including toward more sustainable practices. 

To know more about Rainette : https://rainette-shop.com/


Discover Look Forward by Showroomprivé: https://www.lookforwardproject.com

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