Interview with Oscar Walter CTO of Stockly, a Retail Tech Startup

Today we meet, Oscar Walter, co-founder of Stockly: an innovative solution that allows online retailers to restock in real time. Incubated into the third season of Look Forward, the duet is now working with Techstars.

Oscar Walter & Eliott Jabès, funders of Stockly

1 – Your startup’s concept in one sentence?

Stockly is a startup that allows online retailers to restock in real time, so they can never be out of stock and miss sales.

2 – Why did you choose to join Look Forward’s incubation?

For two reasons. The first one was for the name of the brand – its expertise and all the partner-brands it has developed: a powerful and active ecosystem.
The second one was the “all-included offices spaces”, a real advantage, when you are a young enterprise.

3- Did the coaching program (expert teams and value booster workshops) were useful?

The presentation video, the photo-shoot: all the communication tools have been very helpful for us. Furthermore, the incubator allows you to have access to all the knowledge of the showroomprivé.com’s team.
We have found the coaching program in general aspects interesting, but with a preference for one-to-one meetings.

4 – How exchange, and work with the other startups has been beneficial?

It’s a good opportunity to settle, be in an ecosystem with people who have the same ambitions as Stockly does. To be surrounded with entrepreneurs in the same state of mind than you is motivating and beneficial.

5 – What does Look Forward has provided you?

Factually? A true stability; the offices and the coaching of showroomprivé’s team has allowed us to developed and created our brand identity.

It’s thanks to Look Forward that we acquired the stability who allowed us to move onto the next stage.
I shall also underline that to be incubated on a duration of a one-year long period of incubation really allows to build ourselves. The program is necessary on any point of view if you want to run a company the best way possible.

6- Where are you now, today?

We have realized our first fundraising last July, and we are in a development area (first client Les Galleries Lafayette).
We now have to build our ecosystem to prove that it is enough stable to continue to grow next year.

7- 3 words to define your Look Forward’s experience?

Friendly, Stable and Expertise.

8- One last thing to say?

We are truly thankful for this incubation, a big thanks to the team for everything they taught us.


Find out more about Sockly here:

Look Forward vision

Look Forward’s incubation is a free program open to all innovative startup in the fields of beauty, fashion and retail tech.

As Stockly did, you can enter the program!
Apply for the fourth season of Look Forward before the 28th October, here:

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