Interview with Stanislas Vandier co-funder of Wired Beauty , a Beauty Tech Startup.

Today we met Stanislas Vandier co-founder of Wired Beauty incubates at Look Forward to its third season. Wired Beauty reinvents the beauty-tech industry in proposing app and gadgets that analyze the skin and prevent UV damages.


Stanislas co-founders of Wired Beauty

1 – Your startup’s concept in one sentence?

Wired Beauty reinvents the world of Beauty Tech with its connecting tools (app & gadgets) who stay connected to the skin all day long, in order to prevent damages (i.e.UV).

2 – Why did you choose to join Look Forward’s incubation?

Look Forward has an amazing interface for the Fashion Tech and is really open to entrepreneurship.
The incubator, through its team, has a large knowledge, similar to those of the startups it has selected.
The chance to evolve and to work every day in an environment where people understand your journey and have the same references as you is fundamental when you are building a business.
That’s what made me choose this incubator: Look Forward does truly understand where you’re going and what you’re doing.

3- Did the coaching program (experts team and value booster workshops) were useful?

Yes, a lot. They made you realize that you are working in the real world and not with a fake consulting agency. For every action, there are real data.
Those workshops have given us real operational indications with an open mind. To work on those workshops with the other start-ups was very rewarding and has created very productive synergies.

4 – Did Look Forward has given you the chance to grow your social network?

I’ve already got mine, and I stayed focus on it. It wasn’t one of the aspects of Look Forward that interested me. However, we had the chance to participate to the VivaTech festival. It really has boosted our visibility and has given us the opportunity to developed some contacts.

5 – How exchange, and work with the other startups has been beneficial?

To work with the other startups create a real positive energy. Every startups were implicated in the workshops.
To share, daily, offices with other young entrepreneurs is very rewarding.
It’s also a great way to make intern connexions, even when the incubation year is over. The atmosphere is very friendly between all of us with no competition.

6 – What does Look Forward has provided you?

Firstly, the possibility to make things right: being incubated lead you to do the best you can to develop the best way possible your project. Joining Look Forward you are willing to make out the maximum advantages of the incubation program.
Secondly, a real help and a cultural boost, thanks to an attentive attention for every startups.
And lastly, neutrality so that every entrepreneur can lead their business the way they want to.

7- Where are you now, today?

The beauty market is in constant evolution, we are in a crucial state right now. We are going to, I think transform our assets, and re-think our objectives to know where we are going. It is a busy year coming for us, we will be next year incubated to Station F (Arts et Metiers)

7- 3 words to define your Look Forward’s experience?

Dynamic, authentic and operational.

8- One last thing to say?

Thank you and lets the adventure goes on!

Find out more about Wired Beauty here:

Look Forward Vision

Look Forward’s incubation is a free program open to all innovative startup in the fields of beauty, fashion and retail tech.

As Wired Beauty did, you can enter the program!
Apply for the fourth season of Look Forward before the 28th October, here:

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